Marketing Team


Victoria Guiliani, Director of Sales

Victoria Giuliani

Director of Sales
Phone: 813-261-3134
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Kelly Lawless, Senior Account Executive

Kelly Lawless

Senior Account Executive
Phone: 813-220-0170
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Rebecca Dearth, Director of Marketing

Rebecca Dearth

Director of Marketing
Phone: 813-661-3117
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Account Executives

Natalie Baughman, Account Executive - Mid West Region

Natalie Hutches

Account Executive
Mid West Region

Phone: 813-298-9972
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Mary Bennett, Account Executive - South Region

Mary Bennett

Account Executive
South Region

Phone: 813-362-5412
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Client Services Managers

Kristy Needham, Client Services Manager

Kristy Needham

Client Services Manager
South & Mid West Regions

Phone: 813-261-3126
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Sherri Tillman, Client Services Manager

Sherri Tillman

Client Services Manager
North East & North Central Regions

Phone: 813-261-3135
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Corie Wider, Client Services Manager

Corie Wider

Client Services Manager
Pacific/Central Region

Phone: 813-261-3124
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