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Frances Ford, ReEmployAbility Co-Founder

Frances Ford

ReEmployAbility Co-Founder

Frances Ford has more than 25 years of experience in the workers’ compensation claims industry. Prior to starting ReEmployAbility, she served as the director of claims for a national insurance carrier and the fourth largest workers’ compensation carrier in Florida. Frances was extensively involved in the 2003 workers’ compensation reform and participated in drafting the legislative provisions that were enacted. She continues her involvement with the Division of Workers’ Compensation, attending workshops and hearings to provide input and guidance regarding administrative rules promulgated by the Department of Financial Services.

An expert in return-to-work legislation, Frances assists clients in understanding compliance with various state return-to-work laws. She is continually analyzing and reviewing statutes, recent cases, and legislative changes. Her dedication and commitment to innovative return-to-work strategies has enabled ReEmployAbility to grow into the nation’s largest provider of return-to-work services.

A native of North Carolina, Frances is a graduate of Florida State University and is board certified in workers’ compensation. She is well known for her public speaking on workers’ compensation topics and has written numerous articles for industry publications. She is a member of the Association of Workers Compensation Claim Professionals (WCCP) and a certified instructor of the WCCP Workers’ Compensation Board Certification program. She is also a member of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.

Debra Livingston, ReEmployAbility Co-Founder

Debra Livingston

ReEmployAbility Co-Founder

Debra Livingston has served in various executive capacities throughout her career, with a concentrated focus on return-to-work programs. With over 20 years of workers’ compensation experience, she started her career as a claims adjuster and moved into various facets of the industry as an account executive for Aetna Property Casualty, a broker consultant for Wells Fargo Insurance Services, and director of claims for a large Florida employer. She served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Workers’ Compensation Claims Professionals (WCCP) for numerous years, serving as president for six years.

As co-founder of ReEmployAbility, Debra has helped transform the way the insurance industry thinks about return to work, helping insurance companies and employers save thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation costs and premiums, while assisting thousands of injured workers transition back to work.

Through developing and perfecting a program that not only helps insurance companies and workers but also gives back to the community, Debra has leveraged her knowledge and abilities to better the industry as a whole. With her own strong sense of community, Debra provides the industry with a fresh look at “community” and “business” as a force that must work together to be sustainable in this economy. A native of New York, Debra holds a Bachelors degree from Florida State University.

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