Simple, Fast, Safe Return to Work. You Can Trust Us with Your Employees — All of the Top TPAs Do!

  • Experienced. From job placement to transitional and specialized return-to-work programs, ReEmployAbility is a trusted resource for employers, third-party administrators, and insurers. We’ve helped thousands of injured workers with our innovative return-to-work solutions.
  • Experts. The professionals at ReEmployAbility are dedicated to helping injured workers return to work. We are experts in state laws regarding return-to-work legislation. Our programs are designed to comply with these regulations and make the process easy for the employer.
  • Founders. Frances Ford and Debra Livingston are board-certified workers’ compensation experts and veterans of the claims industry. They combine their unique expertise to provide innovative employment techniques that resolve workers’ compensation and disability cases quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Responsive. Communication is at the core of our programs. We fill a vital role of liaison between adjuster, employer, and injured worker. Our staff provides exceptional service, delivering on their commitments.
  • Reliable. Return-to-work programs are our sole focus. We have strong relationships with a nationwide network of nonprofit partners, enabling us to secure transitional work assignments in under 2 days, on average.
  • Results-Oriented. Our return-to-work programs save thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation costs and we can prove it. We provide customized benchmark reporting, allowing you to analyze your workers’ compensation and disability program.

Most importantly, our programs instill a sense of community, build injured worker confidence, and help employers retain valuable employees. Now that’s priceless.

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