Our vision is to be the recognized leader in specialty Return to Work and transitional employment programs for the workers’ compensation and disability industry.

We make strides toward our vision everyday by providing innovative services that positively impact workers’ compensation and non-occupational disability claim outcomes for employers, insurance carriers, injured workers, and communities.

Our philosophy is based on a strong belief in creating ‘win-win’ outcomes – combining benefits for companies, employees, and communities across the United States for real, positive impact. Through our Transition2Work program, we have helped transform the way the insurance industry approaches return to work and not only helped insurance companies and employers save millions of dollars in claim costs and premiums, but also assisted thousands of injured workers get back to work quickly. Transitional assignments through the program provide an improved sense of value and self-esteem, and help injured employees heal while making a valuable contribution to the community.

Our continued growth and success is guided by our commitment to these fundamental principles:

  • Passion: Our passion for driving better results in return to work and positive outcomes for businesses, individuals, and communities inspires us in everything we do.
  • Simplicity: We create programs and policies that simplify the otherwise complex issues related to workers’ compensation claims and help injured workers get back to work quickly.
  • Integrity: Our team is dedicated to providing upfront information, responsive communication, and exceptional service experiences to build strong relationships with all partners.
  • Win-win: We are committed to positively impacting the experiences and outcomes of our team, our clients, injured workers, nonprofit partners, and the community.
  • Innovation: We are proactive and forward thinking, anticipating industry needs, and continuously seeking new approaches to improve return to work results.

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