ReEmployAbility Announces Promotion of Rebecca Dearth to Vice President of Marketing

Posted: 2018-04-02

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This year has already proven to be one of growth and positive change for ReEmployAbility. The largest national provider of early return-to-work services begins this spring by announcing the promotion of Rebecca Dearth to Vice President of Marketing.

“Over the past four years, Becka has played an integral role in taking ReEmployAbility to the next level,” CEO Debra Livingston said. “Her aptitude and contributions have been invaluable in helping us create our company image and she was instrumental in creating awareness and educating customers on our service.”

Dearth joined the ReEmployAbility team in 2014 as the Director of Marketing. During her tenure her remarkable ability to understand the complexities of the work comp industry, combined with her extensive marketing experience has allowed her to effectively build a strong brand that today reaches tens of thousands of clients across the nation.

As Vice President of Marketing, Dearth will continue to oversee marketing operations. In addition to her previous roles, she will now be an advisor on business development and partnership opportunities and will provide strategic financial input and leadership on decision making issues affecting the organization.

“Through the years she has proven to be more than a great leader. She has been a partner, someone I can bounce my ideas off of. There is great synergy between us and she is someone who I can trust. I have immense confidence that Becka’s analytical and creative abilities will help set the course for the company’s future,” Livingston said.

Dearth holds a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Marketing. She began her career in Human Resources and has more than 15 years of applied marketing experience. Prior to joining our ReEmployAbility, she worked as a marketing consultant, specializing in research, branding, and communications, and has taught at the university level.


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