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Direct, Practical ReEmployment Solutions

ReEmployability is leading the way in the claims industry with innovative and proven solutions for workers’ compensation cases. We specialize in finding jobs for injured employees and getting them back to work faster.

Using a direct, practical approach, a vocational strategy is customized for each claim. This allows us to find employment opportunities that help to resolve all claims. You can confidently rely on ReEmployAbility to handle all aspects of the vocational process.

ReEmployAbility provides the following reemployment services:

Reemployment Assessment

A Certified Rehabilitation Professional conducts a thorough review of the injured worker’s education, employment background, transportation status, transferrable skills, and pertinent medical information regarding the employee’s physical limitations to provide recommendations to develop a comprehensive, realistic strategy to return the worker to gainful employment.

Vocational Plan

Based on the factors determined in the reemployment assessment, a Certified Rehabilitation Professional defines a work goal, provides recommendations, and outlines an actionable plan for the injured worker to conduct a job search and promote a successful return to gainful employment.

Job Placement Services & REAJobSource.com

Utilizing current positions within the open labor market and our extensive database of employers, ReEmployAbility matches the vocational recommendations provided by the Certified Rehabilitation Professional to accommodate every aspect of an injured worker’s physical limitations, with the goal of securing gainful employment. This process is enhanced by our innovative website, www.reajobsource.com, which provides a valuable electronic job search tool kit to help injured workers launch a successful new career.

Labor Market Surveys

Labor Market Surveys provide important details on the current job market when evaluating the cost of returning an injured worker to gainful employment. Each Survey contains details of the job market of a specific geographic area.

Vocational Alternatives Review

When an in-person assessment is not possible or desired, a Certified Rehabilitation Professional provides vocational recommendations based on a forensic review of the injured worker's education, employment background, and medical, and socio-economic factors.

Transferrable Skills Analysis

A Certified Rehabilitation Professional compiles occupations from the US Department of Labor's Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) to represent a person's work history to match workers to appropriate job alternatives.

Specialized Job Analysis

Rehabilitation Counselors work closely with employers to determine the essential functions of a job, a definition for each physical task, and to identify the physical demands of each individual task associated with specific jobs and tasks.

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