ReEmployAbility supports Not-for-Profits around the country by providing volunteers through our Transiton2Work® Program, and helping injured workers heal through meaningful work. Through our running Not-for-Profit Spotlight campaigns, we hope to shed light on nonprofit organizations in and out of our network, and the ways the organization influences the lives of all who benefit from its programs.

Established in 2017, A Lot Of Good has made it their mission to assist families dealing with a health or family crisis by providing easy access to basic essentials, that because of their circumstances, are unaffordable. These basic essentials may include:

  • Clothing for all family members
  • Transportation expenses to and from treatment center
  • Support for medical expenses and prescriptions
  • Providing assistance for food and groceries

By using a thrift store located in Upland, California, A Lot Of Good is able to provide affordable goods to local and surrounding communities. The revenue earned is then allocated to assisting children and families across California who face unexpected life challenges, while establishing partnerships with hospitals, clinics, nonprofits, and ministries to help provide assistance and support where it is needed.

ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work® Program Coordinator, Lindsey, recently visited A Lot Of Good Thrift Store and had the opportunity to meet with a former injured worker who participated in Transition2Work®. Lindsey recalling her visit, stated, “Maria Muett, a former injured worker herself, understands and connects with our light-duty volunteers and goes the extra mile in accommodating them and providing them with a meaningful experience. Once a month, she even hosts a cook-out for them as a thank-you for their efforts to help her organization’s mission to positively impact the lives of those she serves, namely children with illness. All around her store are photos of individuals she personally knows, individuals whose lives have been enriched because of A Lot Of Good.” ReEmployAbility’s partnership with A Lot Of Good makes it possible to provide a better way of living to all who are effected by misfortunate events.

Lindsey (left) and Maria (right) at A Lot Of Good Thrift Store

Impacting A Lot Of Good

To get a better perspective of how this nonprofit functions and the impact it has on its communities, ReEmployAbility had a wonderful opportunity to interview Founder & President Sandy Cappelli. This is what she had to say:

Briefly describe your organization’s goals for the community you serve in your words. Briefly describe a recent accomplishment your organization has achieved.

The goal for A Lot of Good is to be a good neighbor, helping others and trying to improve the lives of those around us. It is more than just being a thrift store, it is being a resource to individuals, civic groups and nonprofits in our community.  This is accomplished by providing essential items such as clothing food and transportation to over 20 nonprofits, hospitals and ministries, as well as being a welcoming environment for employees, volunteers, customers and donors.  Every day, we strive to live up to our tagline that “Together, we do a lot of good” and are grateful Transition2Work® is a part of our ripple of change.

How has your organization benefitted from its involvement with our Transition2Work® program?

The primary revenue source for A Lot of Good is the profits of the A Lot of Good Thrift Store. In 2021, over $250,000 of goods and financial assistance was distributed to partners and individual families in crisis. Operating a thrift store with over 6500 square feet of space and keeping a drive through donation drop off open 5 days a week takes a lot of manpower.  The Transition2Work® program is a key component of the store operations.  Without Transition2Work®, hiring and paying enough people to work on a daily basis would erode any possibility of generating enough revenue to impact the lives of all that benefit from the A Lot of Good footprint.  Simply put, if there is no affiliation with Transition2Work®, there would be far fewer in the community able to benefit from A Lot Of Good programs.

In your opinion, how does the injured worker benefit from participating in the Transition2Work® program?

A Lot of Good has been blessed to have the support of so many individuals in the community that donate their personal items and their finances to further the programs and projects that make an impact on hundreds of lives. Having a Transition2Work® worker joining us is also a blessing.  Without this team effort, the store would not exist.  While working at the store may not be for everyone, our hope would be that the worker feels like they want to come to the store to do their part because they are making a difference in someone’s life.  Whether it’s folding a shirt, ringing up a sale, checking inventory or sorting donations, it is our hope that they feel like they are part of a team and the team is bigger than the individuals. We want them to feel like because they were at A Lot of Good, lives have been changed.

Would you recommend us to other nonprofits? Why?

We would absolutely recommend you to other non profits.  Everyone is so friendly, helpful and easy to work with.  We are all a team.

What is the most important message that you would like people to know about your organization?

Together, we do a lot of good.

Sure, that is a tag line, but it’s also a rallying cry.  It’s believable.  It is true.  When people realize that if we give a piece of ourselves to a common cause, there is no limit in what can be done.  Every little bit of effort gets added to every bit of compassion, and that gets added to every bit of giving, which gets added to every bit of caring for each other.  It’s setting aside differences and uniting for each other.

A Lot Of Good Programs

Essential Needs Program

When faced with unforeseen circumstances, a family in crisis may find it difficult to manage day-to-day needs that can be overwhelming and costly. The Essential Needs program was created to assist families and individuals battling with tough circumstances, by providing missing necessities that allows them to maintain a “normal” lifestyle. This can apply to those who care for a family member suffering from a serious disease, a family that has lost their home to fire, or a parent trying to start a new life after leaving an abusive situation.

A Lot Of Good recognizes that in almost every emergency situation that impacts a family, there is a financial impact to go along with it. Through the generous support of its donors, A Lot Of Good can assist approved families or individuals with goods and financial support that is necessary to live a sustainable life.

We Care Program

Through the We Care Program, A Lot Of Good provides emotional support to families who may not be able to receive it elsewhere. This may include: family visits & meals, phone & email communication, comfort gifts, etc.

Some previous projects associated with We Care are:

Winter Wonderland Project – provides gifts to hundreds of children every holiday season.

Project Love Box – gift boxes of toys, magazines and activities for the parent and the child during treatment at the hospital.

Backpack Drive – helping children of assisted families to start school with a new backpack filled with supplies to encourage learning.

Kids Helping Kids – children reaching beyond themselves to be creative and interactive on behalf of others in need.

The Raising Hope Project

Help Families Believe in a Better Future. Visit to help families who are dealing with the extra financial strain of a sick child.

Click the link to learn more about A Lot of Good and how they serve their communities. To make a donation visit