Every month ReEmployAbility recognizes a team member who goes above and beyond to “CARE” for our customers. Rea the CARE Bear travels from winner to winner and is a prestigious award in the ReEmployAbility office.

This month’s Rea CARE Bear Award goes to a team member who is dedicated to ensuring the success of every claim from the moment it is sent to ReEmployAbility, Julie Stamos!

Julie is part of our Operations Department and primarily works processing new referrals and making follow-up calls to our injured workers to ensure their temporary placement is going smoothly. Julie never forgets to treat every phone call, email, and online referral like the unique situation it is, and she puts the injured workers’ well being at the center of every interaction.

Julie’s expertise in handling new clients and assisting injured workers who may have questions have made her an invaluable trainer for new employees. Her dedication and empathy for our injured workers have been an example for our newest employees, and she treats them with the same empathy and understanding so they are comfortable as they learn the many tasks we must expertly accomplish to help our injured workers.

“Julie is such a thorough and dedicated team member,” said Margo Shackelford, Team Lead. “I often hear her on the phone talking to injured workers about their progress and actively listening so she can address their needs or concerns. She never fails to take that few extra moments to make sure they are comfortable with their temporary placement and if there is anything more we can assist them with.”

In addition to reaching out to our injured workers, Julie assists both our newest employees as well as some of our veteran employees when they have a challenging situation. She also has been a critical source of guidance in identifying procedures we can clarify or condense to make the process easier for injured workers and their employers.

Julie joined the ReEmployAbility team in 2017, and has been making our customers’ day every day since.

Congratulations Julie!


Rea the Care Bear is awarded by our Client Services Managers once a month to an employee who consistently provides exemplary customer service and continually goes above-and-beyond to meet our customers’ needs.

To us, our customers include all the people we serve: injured workers, claims professionals, not-for-profit partners, and our fellow employees. We believe every day and every interaction is a chance to “Make Their Day!”