Volunteer Work Keeps Injured Workers Active

Posted: 2017-10-27

While recovering, workers can't return to full duty because their doctor has not given permission or the company can't accommodate them. One option growing in popularity is for the employer to pay for their employee to work as a volunteer for a nonprofit. ReEmployAbility Co-Founder Frances Ford discusses the benefits for the injured worker and the community.


A Helping Hand: When It Comes to Return-to-Work Strategies, a Little Creativity Can Go a Long Way

Posted: 2016-08-17

Those in risk management and human resources are challenged constantly by day-to-day decisions to ensure operations are focused on the latest processes for loss containment, mitigation, and claims resolution. These are not exactly concepts that lend themselves to dramatically exciting changes. Certainly, technology is critical in the risk management world, but once an accident occurs, no one is asking, “Is there an app for that?” There are no quick fixes for the immense complexity of handling claims that cost millions of dollars.


Risk & Insurance Magazine Article featuring ReEmployAbility | Workers Comp Forum | The Next Chapter for Return to Work

Posted: 2014-09-01

ReEmployAbility founders, Debra Livingston and Frances Ford, are featured in the September 2014 edition of Risk & Insurance Magazine. The article, “The Next Chapter for Return to Work,” features our Transition2Work program as an option to supplement employers’ Return-to-Work programs for workers’ compensation and non-occupational disabilities


Claims Journal Article featuring Transition2Work Program Success! | Transitional Employment Service Leads to New Skills, Career for Injured Worker

Posted: 2014-03-28

ReEmployAbility has successfully matched thousands of injured workers with temporary modified duty assignments at its partner local nonprofit organizations. In most cases, a successful outcome means the injured worker is able to quickly return to his previous position. But, every now and then, things work out differently and amazing opportunities develop. Claims Journal featured one such case in the article, "Transitional Employment Service Leads to New Skills, Career for Injured Worker," March 2014.


ReEmployAbility Article -- The Benefits of Volunteering | If It's "Good for You" It Can't Be Good... Or Can It?

Posted: 2013-12-18

We are fortunate to live in a time when modern medicine and technology enable major improvements in many injuries. Yet one of the very simplest of therapies has proven to be one of the most effective—volunteerism. According to an article by the Corporation for National & Community Service, volunteering lowers mortality rates, improves functional ability, and lowers rates of depression. Modern medicine can’t hold a candle to the benefits that volunteering offers!


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