Did You Know?

Employees dealing with work-related injuries face financial and emotional struggles that may result in a loss to the operations of the company. It is important for their employer to remind them that they are a valued member of the team and that through return-to-work programs such as Transition2Work®, they can have a speedy recovery back to work. In most cases, the best choice for an employer is to retain current employees rather than to try and replace and retain them.

Through ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work® program we have connected thousands of Not-for-Profits across the country with injured workers able to perform light-duty work. As our team and network continue to grow, we are grateful for the meaningful connections and impact Transition2Work® has made each year. 

Customer Connections

Transition2Work Participant (New Paris, PA) 

“I’ve seen a huge increase in my recovery rate since being at [local Not-for-Profit]. Being out of the house and working has helped with my mobility and has allowed me to improve my ability to lift small objects. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the program.”

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