Dedicated to narrowing the achievement gap created by poverty through literacy outreach, Bess the Book Bus has served over 25,000 kids and gives away over 50,000 books in dozens of states across the United States each year since 2017. This Tampa based organization travels the country building libraries, and a love for reading, in America’s most underserved communities. By making the joy of book ownership a reality for children, Bess the Book Bus’s volunteers and board members envision a nation where all children have access to the basic resources they need to be successful in school and in their adult lives.

How Bess has Shared Book Bliss Throughout the Years

An impactful 15 years of service across 48 states, Bess the Book Bus has donated an impressive 900,000 books in all its years of service. Even in the midst of COVID-19, Bess the Book Bus managed to give away 84,602 books to over 51,480 kids. As children’s libraries continue to grow, Bess the Book Bus continue to ship out and deliver books to a large number of states. With the support of their volunteers, the generosity of donors, and the strong partnerships in communities across the USA, this organization was able to develop a physically distanced but socially engaged COVID- 19 response model in order to serve hundreds of communities. In 2020, Bess the Book Bus has shared the magic of reading with children in 19 states, the Navajo Nation, and has even fueled imagination through literacy to other countries like Burkina Faso, Africa.

Resources for Parents & Teachers

Fortunately their efforts don’t stop at just books. The Bess the Book Bus website also feature amazing resources on their Activities Page, available to any parent or teacher, at home or on the go. Resources include:
– Bess’s Alphabet Coloring Pages
– Comic Book Template Pages
– Jess the Baby Bookworm Bookmark

How to Get Involved

Bess the Book Bus is partnered with Network for Good, an organization helping non-profit’s organize their management and fundraising opportunities. Click to donate to Bess the Book Bus!

Funds may also be received through credit cards or an existing PayPal account.

With your help, just $1.00 provides up to three books for the underprivileged youth of America and abroad.