At ReEmployAbility, we value customer service and make it our top priority to provide an excellent experience to each of our clients. That’s why we recently promoted Lise Jalbert to the position of Client Services Manager.

Lise previously worked at ReEmployAblity as a Transition2Work® associate in the operations department. Lise showed her dedication to quality customer service in this role, researching assignments and going above and beyond for each client to ensure a smooth placement, and faster return-to-work.

As a Transition2Work associate, Lise processed new referrals as they were received, handled and prepared new assignment offer letter documentation, and completed follow-up calls to not-for-profit partners and injured workers to ensure their placement in a local not-for-profit was going smoothly.

“I think being a Transition2Work Associate was the best place to start at the company,” said Lise. “I really got a good foundation of how the process works and what details and pieces of information are more critical to make a successful placement.”

Lise’s dedication to customer service is sure to stand out in her new role with the ReEmployAbility team as a Client Service Manager. Lise will be reaching out to employers and claims professionals in the West Coast region to guide them through the Transition2Work process so they can benefit their employees with a faster return-to-work option. Lise will work with current and new clients in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Originally from Canada, Lise never imagined she’d live in Florida, far away from snow and changing seasons. Fifteen years later, she can’t imagine being anywhere else.

“I’m enjoying the challenge for sure,” said Lise. “I’m taking it all in and learning whatever I can. I hope I am able to contribute from what I’ve learned in the past to help the company grow. I’m seeing so much growth it’s exciting, to see a company growing so much, I want to contribute to that.”