Veterans Day

This is the time of year we recognize the honor, sacrifice, courage and integrity of the individuals that have served in the armed service of our country. There are parades on Veterans’ Day, red, white and blue and waving American flags. It is inspiring and we recognize veterans of service and say thank you. Service to our country, community, neighbors and family is honorable.

Even after the parades of Veterans’ Day have passed and people return to work from the holiday, support for our veterans should continue. There are agencies across the country that work on behalf of our veterans to provide support and services year round. We are honored that our Transition2Work program has partnered with 74 nonprofit agencies across the country that benefit veterans. The program coordinates a match between nonprofit organizations in need of volunteers and injured workers to perform light duty work as a means of easing the injured worker back to the workforce. While the worker may not be able to perform the duties of his regular job while recovering from an injury, there is much he can do and offer to help others and the community.

Our Transition2Work team has worked with The Disabled American Veterans Thrift store ( in Houston, Texas for the last three years. Alberta Collins is the supervisor and has hosted participants in our program at the store since September 2010. Examples of the tasks volunteers can do at the store include: to help receive and sort donations, record the items and amount donated, test and clean donated items so they can be sold in the store, greet and assist customers and many more tasks. This has been a fantastic partnership as the volunteers are focusing on their abilities instead of their restrictions and the mission of the organization is to help disabled veterans do the same. David Thompson tells us, “The volunteers from Transition2Work have been an incredible asset to the store. It is a mutually beneficial relationship which ultimately helps to provide a variety of services to veterans in the local and national levels.”

Another partner in our national network of nonprofit agencies is The Disabled Veterans Charities ( There are actually four locations in California: Long Beach, Baldwin Park, Glendale and San Bernardino. The four locations collectively have hosted over 50 full time volunteers participating in the Transition2Work program. The efforts of the volunteers help in the day to day operations of the store. The proceeds from the store help to support programs for disabled veterans by providing physical and mental rehabilitation.  We are honored to participate in these efforts and hope you will look near you for opportunities to be involved in helping to serve those who served us.