“[The volunteer] has been exceptional.  Having her at the front desk has been invaluable.  The Mid-South Chapter has recently assisted a record number of families that have experienced fires and now are facing potential need for sheltering and family assistance due to severe weather, including flooding. [The volunteer] has helped to call out and schedule volunteers for 24 hour shelter shifts and has answered calls from those in need of assistance. She has become a valued asset to our team.  [The volunteer] is compassionate to the families that have lost everything and efficiently see that they are served promptly.  She is absolutely reliable, and she is always careful not to aggravate her injury. 

We are exceedingly grateful that ReEmployAbility has been willing to share [the volunteer] with us and so appreciate the professional service. I can’t think of a more productive or meaningful way to fill one’s time away from the job. We appreciate what you do.”

From: Jeana Bailley, Director Volunteer Services at the Mid-South Chapter of American Red Cross