Give Thanks Orange

This time of year brings out our best, doesn’t it? We spend the season counting the many reasons we have to be thankful. And, in turn, look for ways to give to others.

Living in a society that usually thinks in selfish terms (ie: what we have, the house I live in, the food I eat, my family, my friends, my job), it’s generally all about “us” and “me.” But at this time of year, we join the people who, all year long, quietly and routinely put others before themselves without expectations of anything in return.

Our Transition2Work team interacts daily with nonprofit organizations and has created a national nonprofit network with over 20,000 agencies. From large national organizations, such as The Habitat for Humanity or American Cancer Society to small, local organizations, such as the community library or food pantry, most nonprofits depend on volunteers to provide much-needed services to the community. By definition, nonprofits work to generate funds or gather items but do not reap the benefits of their effort; instead, they give it away. We, at ReEmployAbility, are thankful for the opportunity to work with so many of these fantastic organizations and individuals on a daily basis.

The effect these organizations are having in their local communities is inspirational. We appreciate the time and resources that are tirelessly and passionately invested in their selfless missions. Our team is honored to work alongside these agencies and with companies that value service. Our clients have chosen to incorporate service to the community as part of their planned process and the collective contributions of time and effort are impressive. We are giving thanks today for all of those who give daily.