Introducing a new, improved Transition2Work assignment follow-up process

We recently made a significant change to the way we monitor our Transition2Work participants during their assignments. The updated process is an improvement to the way we interact with our nonprofit partners and the injured workers in our assignments, and it’s making an important impact on our results!

More contact with the injured worker
Now, on the first day of the nonprofit assignment, our Placement Coordinator calls and speaks with both the employee (where allowable based on jurisdictional guidelines) and the nonprofit supervisor to confirm participation, answer any questions, and discuss the time tracking process. At the end of week one, the Placement Coordinator follows up with the employee and nonprofit supervisor to ensure everything is continuing to go well. After the first week, our Transition2Work team begins conducting biweekly follow-ups. For the first six weeks of the assignment, they speak with the nonprofit supervisor and injured worker. Thereafter, they continue to get feedback from the nonprofit supervisor and periodically (at unannounced times) speak with the injured worker as well.

More successful nonprofit assignments
This new follow-up process benefits everyone involved! Since implementing these changes, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our team and partners. The new process reinforces a connection to the employee, improving communication, and helping to ensure the employee fully understands the details of their participation in our Transition2Work program. With improved communication, injured workers are better able to follow through with their responsibilities and continue participating in the program.

Most importantly, by improving communication and providing this enhanced level of service, we are able to give our clients peace of mind that their employees are safely participating in the program so they can return to work as quickly as possible!