Debra Livingston, Co-founder and CEO of ReEmployAbility, has incorporated her passion and drive to help others into a new purpose and vision for the company that will drive their mission.

Purpose: Connecting people to a greater purpose so they can have a better life.

Vision: Anyone who is capable of something, can make an impact in the community where they live.

While ReEmployAbility has always served communities and injured workers across the country, leadership and staff are excited to uphold their dedication and commitment to help get others back to work quickly and safely.

ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work® (T2W) program matches injured employees with temporary light duty assignments at not-for-profit organizations when their employer is unable to accommodate light duty onsite.

Studies show that a return-to-work program can improve employees’ sense of value and self-esteem while keeping them in the workforce until they are released medically to return to their full duty jobs.

Transition2Work participant John said, “I can’t be grateful enough for the Transition2Work program. I don’t know where I would have been, if you hadn’t placed me with the Red Cross. It only took me about two weeks to start to feel kind of depressed [after I was injured on the job and unable to return to work]. It wasn’t a week after I joined the Red Cross that I was a brand-new man.”

ReEmployAbility’s new purpose and vision focuses on the impact injured workers’ have made over the past 15 years and how ReEmployAbility is committed to continuing to help them make that impact while healing. Staff at ReEmployAbility advocate for every injured worker to ensure their experience is an opportunity to grow and contribute to their community, easing the fears and uncertainty many injured workers face.

To date, injured workers in the Transition2work® program have contributed over 8.6 million hours to not-for-profit organizations. Their time, paid by their employer, has provided over $214 million dollars of economic benefit to not-for-profits across the country.

“In 2019, there will be more change at ReEmployAbility,” said Livingston. “You’ll be hearing more in the coming months about the people and communities we serve AND more about their life changing experiences. We will use technology to enhance the experience of all our partners and provide them with the tools to help them evaluate their experience.”

Livingston has challenged her entire team to grab hold of every opportunity that presents itself, and believe that it will open up endless possibilities, both for themselves and the injured workers they serve.