Join ReEmployAbility This November to Honor Our Veterans and to Share Our Gratitude
ReEmployAbility is proud to advocate for our Veterans and to express how thankful we are for the opportunity to make a difference through our Transition2Work Return-to-Work Program. We have partnered with multiple nonprofits servicing those who have fought valiantly in our armed forces, and each year we recognize them for their services. With the holidays around the corner, it is a time to show your thanks and gratitude for the fortunes you have received this past year. Join our team in sharing what you’re most grateful for this holiday season!

Catch Our ReAudio Veteran’s Day Replay Special on Nov. 11th,  Featuring Army Veteran Bill Edson!

Last November, ReAudio host Todd Loomis sat down with Army Medic Veteran and Founder of Guidon Strategies, Bill Edson. Bill discusses his experiences and how they translate into skills anyone can use to become a better person at work, in the community, and at home.

Listen to the full episode this Nov. 11th at

Bakersfield Discovery Shop’s Fight Against Cancer

Bakersfield Discovery Shop’s Fight Against Cancer

October is a month full of advocacy, seasonal favorites, and the festivities of Halloween. Known as the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month (among other things), October is a time for advocating, educating, and prevention. As a woman-owned company,...

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Empathy, Communication, and Active Listening in Return-to-Work

ReEmployAbility CEO & Founder Debra Livingston touches on the importance of empathy within workers’ comp. She explains how becoming less transactional, and more connected with injured workers can really make a difference in their lives.


Customer Connections

Transition2Work Injured Worker (Wilmington, DE) 

I love working at this nonprofit! The people are amazing and are now like family. I am happy to give to my community while I recover.

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