This month’s Rea CARE Bear Award goes to the star of the extra-mile, Will Lindsey!

Every month ReEmployAbility recognizes a team member who goes above and beyond to “CARE” for our customers. Rea the CARE Bear travels from winner to winner and is a prestigious award in the ReEmployAbility office.

Will earned this month’s award because he does a great job communicating with our customers and is always ready to help out a ReEmployAbility team member, but Will stood out this month for demonstrating outstanding initiative.

Will reached out to some of our local not-for-profit partners to meet some of our injured workers. He didn’t know it at the time, but our National Account Executive, Mary Bennett, and our CEO, Debra Livingston, were traveling to meet with one of our long-time partners and one of their employees was on his route.

Mary and Debra received compliments about Will and the care and attention he provides when handling their claims so it was an amazing feeling for them both to wrap up the meeting with a photo of Will and one of their injured workers at a local thrift store.

“When we visited our client and heard them say such amazing things about the people who work here, and the kudos they gave to Will, it made me very proud to hear how much they enjoy our program and our people,” said CEO Debra Livingston. “Will took the time to visit a not-for-profit and check on the person behind the claim he was working on. Our client thought it was wonderful we were making sure their employees were taken care of.”

Will has only been with ReEmployAbility a short time, but he has made a lasting impression on our customers and exemplifies the CARE Bear Award tenets.


Rea the Care Bear is awarded by our Client Services Managers once a month to an employee who consistently provides exemplary customer service and continually goes above-and-beyond to meet our customers’ needs.

To us, our customers include all the people we serve: injured workers, claims professionals, not-for-profit partners, and our fellow employees. We believe every day and every interaction is a chance to “Make Their Day!”