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ReAudio is a resource designed to diversify your professional and personal toolbox. Using varying show styles, we’ll explore current issues facing Workers’ Compensation Professionals and give you practical solutions that you can implement immediately. You’ll hear from your peers, authorities from partner departments (legal, HR, finance, etc.) as well as some outsiders that will provide expanded perspectives and actionable steps to make you better and what you do and who you are. All this sprinkled with a sense of humor and ReAudio will be worth your weekly 10-minute investment. ReAwaken your curiosity with ReAudio…from your friends at ReEmployAbility!

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Uncomfortable Shoes

ReEmployAbility’s Director of Human Resources, Crystal Hundley discusses strategies on how to remove a bit of the weight of the world we’re all carrying these days on our shoulders. Click to watch the full episode of this week's ReAudio Podcast with Crystal Hundley....

I Make It Up As I Go

Crystal Hundley is the Director of Human Resources at ReEmployAbility.  Today we’re going to chat about the struggles of remote work, accountability, and the great resignation.  She’ll also provide you with some practical tools to help in navigating the mounting...

Cloud Hugger

We finish our conversation with Arielle Theodore today, talking about where technology is going in the Workers Comp world and how best to embrace it. Watch this week's full episode at: Subscribe to the ReEmployAbility YouTube channel to...

Technology. I Love That Stuff!

Arielle Theodore is a Dynamics Solutions Specialist here at ReEmployAbility.  Her insights on Technology are refreshing, inspiring, and very human.  She provides some practical ideas on how the Workers Comp industry can leverage the right technology to improve...

All For Under A Buck!

Greg Reed, Executive Director of The National Star Route Mail Contractors Association discusses recruitment in the transportation industry, safety, and electric trucks.  If you would like to reach out to Greg regarding joining the NSRMCA or with any questions,...

Sexy Truck Drivers

Greg Reed is the Executive Director of the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association, and this week he’ll introduce us to what makes his transportation organization different from the rest. He will explain some of the technologies vital to the growth and...

Mrs. Brightside

Ya’Sheaka Williams, Workers' Compensation attorney, finishes up with us this week talking about takeaways from the past 2 years… as well as some perspective on vaccinations and where we go from here.

Tripping On Your Dog!

Ya’Sheaka Williams is a Workers Comp Attorney, Partner at Eraclides Gelman, and good friend of ReEmployAbility.  She discusses what is new for 2022, COVID-19, and anything else that comes to mind.

Humans are a M.E.S.S.S.

In October of 2020, ReEmployAbility’s owner and CEO, Debra Livingston sat down with Retired Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann, former U.S. Army Green Beret and founder of Rooftop Leadership on a Webinar, to sort out ways to keep our human connections strong in a time of...

Parasympathetic or Bust!

Listen in on a segment from our October 2020 webinar with Retired Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann, former U.S. Army green beret and founder of Rooftop Leadership.  Scott’s message parallels that of Dr. Claire Muselman, focusing on relationships and relevance in today’s...

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