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ReAudio is a resource designed to diversify your professional and personal toolbox. Using varying show styles, we’ll explore current issues facing Workers’ Compensation Professionals and give you practical solutions that you can implement immediately. You’ll hear from your peers, authorities from partner departments (legal, HR, finance, etc.) as well as some outsiders that will provide expanded perspectives and actionable steps to make you better and what you do and who you are. All this sprinkled with a sense of humor and ReAudio will be worth your weekly 10-minute investment. ReAwaken your curiosity with ReAudio…from your friends at ReEmployAbility!
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Training to Shuck & Jive

Bill Edson, owner of Guidon Strategies, shows us how to handle overwhelming circumstances through some real life scenarios, and how to prepare for the unknown.

Actions Speak Louder Than Titles

Bill Edson is a former Army Medic who knows what it takes to be an exceptional leader. Find out about Bill’s experience and how that experience translates into skills you and I can use to become better people at work, in our communities, and at home.  For more...

The Many Hands of Hope

We finish our conversation with Mindy Murphy from The Spring of Tampa Bay with details on how survivors receive help and how you can get involved in supporting an organization similar to The Spring near you.  Google your state name and the words ”domestic...

Services in Plain Sight

Take an audio tour of The Spring, a domestic violence shelter in Tampa, FL and learn more about services provided by them and most other shelters of it’s kind across the country.   

The Right Focus & Approach

Mindy Murphy, President & CEO of The Spring of Tampa Bay discusses how domestic violence  has changed over the years, COVID’s affect on the issue, offers insights on how the Gabby Petito case impacts awareness and shares insights on how to talk to our sons and...

Be Available & Know The Signs

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we would like to help bring attention to this issue, that affects one in four women nationally and one in three women globally.  At ReEmployAbility we are donating a percent of every referral processed in the month...

Fun With The Eisenhower Matrix

Join Jacob Lawrence, founder of “I Make Work Fun," for a segment of a Webinar we hosted with him back in March of 2021.  In this episode, Jacob talks about what “fun” at work means, how to get the most out of your meetings (virtual or in-person) and how to...

HR Price is Right!

We finish our conversation with ReEmployAbility’s Director of Human Resources, Crystal Hundley, about strategies to retain and recruit in this unique employment environment. We also test her knowledge current HR statistical information and relate that info to best...

HR is Fun!

ReEmployAbility’s Director of Human Resources, Crystal Hundley, discusses strategies to retain employees in this unique business climate. 

Just Turn On Your Video – Part 2

We finish up our conversation with Jeff Strege, Director of Risk at Academy Sports & Outdoors, about Fostering Human Connection, Empowering the Team and Always Finding the Silver Lining. 

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