When ReEmployAbility opened its doors 15 years ago, it was due to a passion for return to work and its value as the single most important factor that drives success in a workers’ compensation program. The company has grown tremendously during those 15 years, and as they continue that trajectory, it has become increasingly important for the company to maintain a customer focus. That is why this year will be marked by the launch of several innovative initiatives that will enhance the customer experience.

“We’re planning a year of great changes that will affect everyone involved in our program, from injured workers, to clients, and even nonprofit organizations,” President and Co-Founder Debra Livingston said. “We’re continuously improving our services and investing in technology so that the client’s experience using our program is always remarkable.”

Founded in 2003 by Livingston and Frances Ford as a vocational services provider, ReEmployAbility’s focus has remained on helping the injured worker. In 2008 they launched the Transition2Work® Program, which offers employers a cost-effective solution to modified light duty assignments at local nonprofit organizations, reducing claim costs while giving the injured employee time to heal. Through this program, ReEmployAbility has placed tens of thousands of injured workers at local nonprofit organizations over the years to perform light duty work as a means of easing the injured worker back to the workforce. In 2015 the program expanded to include services for non-occupational disabilities.

Over these 15 years, the company has grown tremendously and has been recognized in the industry in several ways, including: landing on the Inc. 5000 list for the past four years; being locally honored on the Gulf Coast 500 list for the past two years; debuting on the Seminole 100 list this year; and Livingston being honored as a 2017 Woman to Watch by Business Insurance Magazine.

With its network of over 35,000 local and national nonprofit organization partners throughout the United States, ReEmployAbility has been able to quickly and safely return injured workers with modified duty work restrictions to meaningful work. The program provides cost savings to employers and insurance carriers, reduces the average time of the workers’ compensation claim, and helps injured workers get back to work while making a positive contribution to their community.