For many in the workers’ compensation and risk management industry, implementing an effective return-to-work program is the key to reducing claim costs and getting the injured worker back into the workforce as quickly as possible.

Over 13 years ago, ReEmployAbility made it our mission to create an innovative, cost-effective solution in return-to-work that would not only help the injured worker get back to work faster, but would also give them a sense of purpose.

While in our Transition2Work program, injured workers are placed in non-profit organizations across the country, where they are able to give back to their community as they recover.

Roger Adame, a Waste Management employee who was injured on the job, spoke to Reno, Nevada’s ABC KOLO 8 News Now about his injury and how the Transition2Work program has helped him during recovery.

Adame was placed at Catholic Charities, a thrift shop in Reno. In the article, Adame said, “To come here, and… get out of the house, to do something different you know, it is eye-opening, And I enjoy it.”

Like many other injured workers who have participated in the Transition2Work program, Adame said that he planned on continuing to volunteer at Catholic Charities even after he returns back to his job at Waste Management.

The result and experience that Waste Management and Adame has had is what we have always strived for in this program. Giving back to the community and giving the injured workers a sense of purpose is what drives us every day.

Research indicates there are many mental and physical health benefits to volunteering. Programs such as Transition2Work that place injured workers in volunteer assignments with nonprofit organizations can help achieve positive outcomes and provide many benefits for aiding recovery, such as: combating depression, improving health faster, and developing new skills and experiences. Read more about the benefits here.

This makes Transition2Work a winning combination for everyone involved.

Over the past 13 years, more than 2.8 million volunteer hours have been assigned through the Transition2Work program. If you would like to become a non-profit partner, contact us today to learn more about the benefits of joining ReEmployAbility’s national nonprofit network.