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Customer Connections

Return-to-Work Specialist (Scottsdale, AZ) 

“Many thanks! [The Transition2Work participant] really enjoyed her assignment – she told me today that last week they were even asking her to help train new workers! .”

Float Away with a Key Lime Whiskey Sour

INGREDIENTS: 2 oz Florida Bourbon, 3/4 oz Lime Juice, 1/2 oz Lime Simple Syrup, 1/2 oz egg white (Optional), 2-3 drops of Angostura bitters (Optional) DIRECTIONS: Prepare ingredients (Juice a lime and separate egg white), Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake for 10 seconds, Add ice cubes to the shaker, Shake for an additional 10 seconds, Strain into a coupe glass, Add 2-3 drops of Angostura bitters, optional, Garnish with a lime twist

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