Injured Worker Testimonials

Provided by participants of the ReEmployAbility Transition2Work® Program


Crew of Construction Workers

The Impact of Transition2Work:

The Injured Worker Experience

Transition2Work® by ReEmployAbility helps your injured or disabled employees return to productive work even when modified duty is not available at their worksite.

By combining business and community, our program continues to make an impact on thousands of lives by connecting people to a greater purpose so they can live a better life.


Grocery distribution worker

Injured Worker Testimonial

(Lancaster, CA)

Prior to beginning my job at the nonprofit organization, I was feeling depressed. However, this job has helped me shift my focus toward positive things. I am now feeling content and fulfilled, thanks to this program I am able to work and keep my head busy.


Injured Worker Testimonial

(Rochester, NY)

I was not sure what to expect when I was referred to the Transition2Work program, but I think it would be great for other people in my position to know how positive my experience has been. I enjoyed doing something to better people’s lives and it gave me such a sense of satisfaction.

Staffing company employee

Injured Worker Testimonial

(Montclair, CA)

I am grateful that my employer has given me this opportunity to perform light duty at a local nonprofit. I feel like a member of the family here! The owners of the store are the nicest people and really take the time to get to know their volunteers and work with their individual needs.

Business woman

Injured Worker Testimonial

(Mabank, TX)

I would recommend this program and especially this location to anyone. The people here are just great and this is helping me to get back to a position where I will be able to get back to work.

Assisted Living Nurse

Injured Worker Testimonial

(Irvine, CA)

Everyone here is very kind and respectful of everyone else. We work as a team here. I enjoy being able to help others. This is an awesome program and I appreciate the opportunity to participate.

Waste management worker

Injured Worker Testimonial

(Fort Worth, TX)

The work they do here is just wonderful and working here has opened my eyes to all they do for so many people. This nonprofit is a true blessing. I have been happy to help out and plan to return even after I get back to work just to volunteer and continue giving back. 

Airline attendant

Injured Worker Testimonial

(Honolulu, HI)

I was very pleased with the work I was able to do while at my nonprofit assignment. It really helped me to maintain a regular schedule. I found a lot of benefits from being able to move around while I recovered.

Group home nurse

Injured Worker Testimonial

(Richmond, VA)

This nonprofit is a great place to recuperate and get you ready to go back to work. This is a great program and I am grateful for the opportunity to work here and to give back to my community. 

Environmental Technician

Injured Worker Testimonial

(Milan, MI)

I really appreciate this program! It is not only good for the nonprofit, but for me as well. I really enjoy being able to give back to the community. It’s a good feeling to interact with frequent customers at the nonprofit and build relationships with them.

Female truck driver

Injured Worker Testimonial

(Smyrna, TN)

I love working at this nonprofit! In the beginning, I was skeptical about this opportunity but now I am very happy to be a part of this. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community while I go through this recovery process. ReEmployAbility does a great job!