ReEmployAbility celebrates 10 years of business!

When you look back on the world 10 years, it feels like a lifetime ago and you realize how so much has changed. Just think, in 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected California’s Governor, Jennifer Lopez was No.1 on the charts with “All I Have”, the last “old style” Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the assembly line in Mexico, gas prices wer

While perhaps not as newsworthy, the changes at ReEmployAbility over the last 10 years have been no less dramatic.  It has truly turned out to be an exciting adventure for co-founders Frances Ford and Debra Livingston.  Starting in 2003 with only 3 employees ReEmployAbility worked exclusively in Florida providing vocational services to the worker’s compensation industry.  Today, with over 20 employees, ReEmployAbility is a national provider of early return-to-work (RTW) services.

The success of growth comes from promoting the original business concept; offer employers and carriers new ideas to return employees back to work sooner.  Create innovative programs to help accommodate injured workers and reduce the claim costs.

One such creative return-to-work concept, Transition2Work, was launched in 2007.  By coordinating volunteer opportunities with local non-profit organizations, we help return employees to work sooner until they are able to return to regular duties.  It works for worker’s compensation, FMLA and short-term disability programs.

In those same 10 years, some things have remained the same.  ReEmployAbility continues to be committed to customer service, helping our clients achieve substantial savings and a successful outcome on each claim. We work proactively to better business practices and procedures using our technology and experience.

We appreciate the opportunities we have to partner with forward thinking individuals and companies. We have had the privilege to work with leaders in the industry as clients. Sincere thanks to all of you who have been with us along the way.