REAorientation Crystal Ball Edition

Join us for the Crystal Ball Edition  – January 26 at 3:30 EST

How will laws, a recession, remote work, new employees and government affairs affect Workers’ Compensation and Return-to-Work in this new year?

Join us for a very special edition of ReOrientation to ReEmployAbility where we will deviate from our normal format to host a panel discussion about 2023. With the possibility of a recession and the consideration of inflation in our current employment environment, what will be the new best practices within the industry? How do you prepare for what is to come? What’s your guess? This will certainly be a lively collaboration you won’t want to miss.

Meet our Panelists:

  • Ya’Sheaka Williams – Board Certified in Workers’ Compensation by the Florida Bar & Partner at QPWB P.A.
  • Shawn Deane – General Counsel & SVP of Risk Management & Compliance at Ametros
  • Debbie Hammer – Specialty Claims Consultant, Assistant Vice President at Woodruff Sawyer
  • Marva Adderly-May – Director of Risk management, Casualty Claims, Safety & Corporate Insurance at VITAS Healthcare

Join us for a panel discussion webinar on January 26 at 3:30 PM EST