Simple, Fast, Safe Return to Work

Employers and carriers can significantly reduce workers’ compensation and disability claim costs by returning the injured employee to the workforce as soon as they are released to modified or light duty. Studies show that “a properly administered program can realize an $8 to $10 savings for every dollar invested in a proactive return-to-work program” (Batterson, L.M., Fyfe, B.J. & Weigand, D. (2009), Return-to-Work Programs, RM Insight).

ReEmployAbility’s return-to-work program, Transition2Work, offers employers and carriers a cost-effective solution to modified light duty assignments, reducing claim costs while giving the injured worker time to heal. Utilizing our national network of more than 45,000 nonprofit partners, we create innovative programs to help accommodate injured workers in the transition back to work. During their temporary volunteer assignment at a nonprofit in their community, injured workers become reacquainted with the work experience, while boosting their self-confidence, improving their sense of worth, and keeping in touch with the daily work routine.

We Believe in the Value of Return to work

We believe in the value of Return to Work, as the single most important factor that will drive success in a workers’ compensation program. Quick return to work is a ‘win-win’ for all parties on the claim that provides benefits far beyond cost savings. Transitioning injured workers back to work quickly is the right thing to do, and to be effective in this pursuit we focus on the employees’ capabilities and find creative approaches to modified duty.

Transition2Work Benefits

The Transition2Work program provides benefits to employers, insurance carriers, employees, and communities across the nation!

Benefits to Employees

Transition2Work provides meaningful work allowing injured employees to focus on their abilities and an reconnect with the community while they recover.



Benefits to Employers & Carriers

Utilize Transition2Work to supplement an internal Return-to-Work program, help retain valuable employees, and reduce claim cost and duration.


Benefits to Community

Hosting a Transition2Work participant allows you to help connect someone to a greater pupose while helping your organization achieve its mission.


More Ways Transition2Work Benefits You

Transition2Work also offers its program through its Work from Home or Employer Worksite program or its Non-Occupational Disability Program. Whatever your needs, ReEmployAbility helps injured employees get back to work.  

Our Purpose

Connecting people to a greater purpose so they can have a better life.

Our Vision

Anyone who is capable of something, can make an impact in the community where they live.

What We Do

We lead in specialty Return-to-Work and transitional employment programs for the workers’ compensation and disability industry. We make strides toward our vision every day by providing innovative services that positively impact workers’ compensation and non-occupational disability claim outcomes for employers, insurance carriers, injured workers, and communities. Our philosophy is based on a strong belief in creating ‘win-win-win’ outcomes – combining benefits for companies, employees, and communities across the United States for real, positive impact.

Experience the ReEmployAbility Difference


Throughout the years we have established relationships with over 45,000 local, national, and international not-for-profit organizations such as museums, thrift stores, and food banks. Nationwide coverage allows employers to provide a consistent off-site transitional duty solution across all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico.


For more than a decade, ReEmployAbility has been a trusted resource for employers, third-party administrators, and insurers. We’ve helped thousands of injured workers with our innovative return-to-work solutions.



Communication is at the core of our programs. We fill a vital role of liaison between adjuster, employer, and injured worker. Our staff provides exceptional service, delivering on their commitments.


The professionals at ReEmployAbility are dedicated to helping injured workers return to work. We are experts in state laws regarding return-to-work legislation. Our programs are designed to comply with these regulations and make the process easy for the employer.


Return-to-work programs are our specialty and sole focus. We have strong relationships with a nationwide network of nonprofit partners, enabling us to secure transitional work assignments.


Our return-to-work programs save thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation costs and we can prove it. We provide customized benchmark reporting, allowing you to analyze your workers’ compensation and disability program.


We leverage technology to provide an exceptional experience for our clients and partners. Our sophisticated case management system provides the ability to analyze data for reporting, create benchmark reporting, and streamline processes and communication.