Transition2Work for Nonprofits

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From large nonprofit organizations, such as The Habitat for Humanity or American Cancer Society, to small, local organizations, such as your local YMCA, library, or food pantry, most nonprofit agencies depend on volunteers to provide much-needed services to the community.

The Transition2Work program helps injured workers return to work quickly in transitional work assignments at nonprofit organizations throughout the United States, providing thousands of invaluable volunteer hours to organizations like yours each year. It’s a win-win solution for everyone—the injured worker, the employer, and the community!

Are you looking for a new source of volunteers ready to work right in your own community? Join our nationwide network of nonprofit partners today!

Transition2Work Benefits for Nonprofit/Not-for-Profit Organizations

The Transition2Work program helps connect employees to a greater purpose, recover faster, and return to work sooner!

Provides a Source of Volunteers

Transition2Work program participants are a source of volunteers that can learn and complete tasks or projects for your organization, either onsite or via remote work. Most participants are able to work up to 40 hours per week.

Flexible Options

Whether you need volunteers at your physical location or for remote/work-from-home projects, Transition2Work participants possess a variety of skills and can help your organization while they heal from an injury.

Focus on Capabilities

We believe that anyone who is capable of something can make an impact in the community where they live. Transition2Work bridges the gap between injured employee’s capabilities and the work available at their employer’s worksite so they can remain productive and contribute to their community.

Create New Connections

For many Transition2Work participants, this programs provides their first experience with volunteerism. Many continue to provide volunteer time with their host nonprofits long after their assignment has ended and they have returned to their regular work.

Help in Recovery

When you host a Transition2Work participant, you help reintroduce them to a more normal and consistent work routine with productive and meaningful work. This helps improve the employee’s sense of value, self-esteem, and reduces their focus on their disability so they can recuperate faster.

Economic Impact

According to, the estimated value of each volunteer hour is $25.43! Most Transition2Work participants contribute 30-40 hours to their nonprofit hosts each week, making a measurable impact for our hosting nonprofit partners.

Our Purpose

Connecting people to a greater purpose so they can have a better life.

Our Vision

Anyone who is capable of something, can make an impact in the community where they live.

What We Do

ReEmployAbility is a leader in specialty Return-to-Work and transitional employment programs for the workers’ compensation and disability industry.

We make strides toward our vision every day by providing innovative services that positively impact workers’ compensation and non-occupational disability claim outcomes for employers, insurance carriers, injured workers, and communities.

Our philosophy is based on a strong belief in creating ‘win-win’ outcomes – combining benefits for companies, employees, and communities across the United States for real, positive impact. Through our Transition2Work® program, we have helped transform the way the insurance industry approaches return-to-work. While helping insurance companies and employers save millions of dollars in claim costs and premiums, we also assisted thousands of injured workers with getting back to work quickly and safely.

Since the Transition2Work program began in 2003, ReEmployAbility participants have contributed over 13 million hours of service to their local not-for-profits, impacting local philanthropic efforts across the country in a meaningful way.

For our participants, transitional assignments through ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program provide an improved sense of value and self-esteem after their injury and allows them to safely heal while continuing to contribute to their community.

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