Transition2Work: Work from Home or Employer’s Worksite

Flexible Options for Meaningful and Safe Remote Return-to-Work

We offer employers and employees flexible options for return-to-work like work from home or the employer’s worksite. These options are available across the U.S. with our not-for-profit partners. Our flexible remote modified duty assignments provide a solution when the injured worker’s pre-injury employer is unable to accommodate a temporary light duty work release. Just like the standard Transition2Work program, these options are appropriate for both workers compensation and non-occupational disability claims.

Transition2Work Work from Home or Employer’s Worksite Benefits

In addition to the benefits Transition2Work provides, the Work from Home or Employer’s Worksite also provides:

Safe and Meaningful Work

Provides a safe and meaningful option if you have safety concerns and/or COVID-19 related barriers as soon as you are released to modified or light duty.

Greater Flexibility

Accommodates various needs regarding scheduling and work restrictions, such as frequent medication requirements, no driving, or low physical activity.

Union or Jurisdictional Mandates

Meets union or jurisdictional mandates requiring light duty to be provided at the employer’s worksite.

Employer Preference

Allows employer to supervise employees while participating in light duty at their worksite. 

Organizational Challenges

Can help with organizational challenges such as payroll tracking that may be associated with off-site light duty options.

Our Promise of Meaningful and Safe Return-to-Work

The Transition2Work program ensures meaningful and safe return-to-work for injured workers. We have developed a variety of opportunities that are aligned with the language, capabilities, and technological proficiency of our Transition2Work participants.

The Work from Home or Employer Worksite program provides greater flexibility to enable employers to accommodate employees who require difficult work restrictions such as frequent medication requirements, no driving, or low physical activity.

The Work from Home or Employer Worksite program has been developed through national and local not-for-profits that provide opportunities that meet ReEmployAbility’s standards on meaningful return-to-work. Injured workers that have already participated in the program have had successful outcomes and a positive return-to-work experience.

A Transition2Work Success: Gregory’s Story

A Transition2Work Success: Gregory’s Story

Gregory was a Production Associate at a large food distribution company at the time of his injury. He sustained injuries that prevented him from completing his duties, so he began his recovery from the comfort of home. His employer referred him to Transition2Work to...

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