Return to Work that Connects to the Community

We help injured or disabled employees get back to meaningful work with nonprofit organizations while they recover. 

Injured Employees

If you’re injured or disabled, your employer can use Transition2Work to help you recover and return to work faster. Learn more about what to expect while you participate.

Employers & Insurance Professionals

Transition2Work connects your injured or disabled workers to meaningful work in the community while they perform light duty, reducing claim duration and lowering costs.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Discover a source of volunteers ready to help you achieve your mission. Join our nationwide network of nonprofit partners and learn more about hosting a Transition2Work participant.

Together, We Connect People to a Greater Purpose so They Can Have a Better Life

Whether you’re an employer with workers’ comp claims and few onsite options for light duty, and injured employee who needs to get back to work while recovering, or a not-for-profit organization in need of volunteers, Transition2Work by ReEmployAbility can help. We connect capabilities with needs in communities. ReEmployAbility provides simple, fast, safe return to work solutions to help control the rising costs of workers’ compensation while positively influencing the lives of injured workers.

With over a decade of creating innovative solutions for the workers’ compensation industry, ReEmployAbility is the nation’s largest provider of early return-to-work services and transitional employment programs.

Our Transition2Work program offers employers a simple, cost-effective solution to modified light duty assignments, and reduces workers’ compensation and disability claim costs while giving the injured employee time to heal and benefiting the community.

Getting Started is Easy

Refer a File

Get started by completing our convenient referral form to refer a file online today

Match with a Non-Profit

Our team will begin searching for a suitable assignment with a local nonprofit organization

Help your Community

Help your community while getting your employee back to work quickly and safely

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