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The Benefits & Influence of Human Connection

The Benefits & Influence of Human Connection

Picking yourself up by the bootstraps and being a self-made success are hallmarks of the rugged individualism which is often praised in Western culture. We all love a good story about the hero who does it on her own, however, that story is more fiction than fact. The...

Our Purpose

Connecting people to a greater purpose so they can have a better life.

Our Vision

Anyone who is capable of something, can make an impact in the community where they live.

What We Do

We lead in specialty Return-to-Work and transitional employment programs for the workers’ compensation and disability industry. We make strides toward our vision every day by providing innovative services that positively impact workers’ compensation and non-occupational disability claim outcomes for employers, insurance carriers, injured workers, and communities. Our philosophy is based on a strong belief in creating ‘win-win-win’ outcomes – combining benefits for companies, employees, and communities across the United States for real, positive impact.