Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stare death in the face and come out the other side? Our guest, Mike May, a former serviceman with the 10th Mountain Division and now an account manager at Reemployability, lived through this very reality when his vehicle was hit by an IED explosion in Afghanistan. His recount of this life-altering event, the intense rivalry in his unit, and the emotional toll it all took on him is a riveting tale of human resilience.

military veteran

Returning Home: The Challenges of a Veteran’s Transition

Transitioning back to civilian life post-military service is a challenge that many veterans grapple with. Mike opens up about this struggle. He shares how his experience on the battlefield clashes with the mundanity of day-to-day civilian life. We delve into the importance of sharing our experiences, breaking stigmas, and understanding how these experiences can shape us. We further discuss The Hero’s Journey and other resources that provide crucial support to veterans reacclimating to civilian lifestyle. Tune in to this episode for an honest, inspiring, and enlightening conversation with Mike. It’s sure to foster empathy for the unique challenges faced by our veterans. There are resources available for veterans as they transition back into civilian life. Visit https://theheroesjourney.org/ to learn more.