Some people know their calling at a young age. Shamine Linton’s childhood prepared her for her mission, although she didn’t grasp it at the time. It wasn’t until an illness struck her daughter that she realized the years she spent in service as a child herself would pay huge dividends to her community.

Imagine having the power to restore someone’s confidence through a simple act of kindness. This is the everyday reality for our guest, Shamine Linton, founder of Sharia’s Closet. This nonprofit organization is making a difference by providing emergency clothing, hygiene products, and basic essentials at no cost to those in need. Through her impactful partnership with Reemployability, Shamine is offering a lifeline to injured workers, demonstrating the profound influence of meeting basic needs without judgment.

 Sharia’s Closet ( has served tens of thousands in the San Diego area since 2013. Shamine tells us about how volunteers and Injured Workers placed at Sharia’s Closet take away from their experience refreshed, energized, and in a significantly more positive mental state than when they started. Proving how much you receive from giving.