ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program offers participants the opportunity to provide a service to a local not-for-profit organization, while they recover from an occupational or non-occupational injury. In the month of March, in honor of Disability Awareness Month, we would like to spotlight our non-profit partner Arc’s Value Village Thrift Store & Donation Center in New Hope, MN. Thanks to Arc’s Value Village’s Volunteer Development Manager, Michelle Theisen, we were able to understand the first-hand impact Transition2Work has on the nonprofit.

Established in 1982, Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores & Donation Centers were created as a “means of funding programs and services that benefit children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families” through The Arc Minnesota. The Arc Minnesota is a statewide nonprofit working to co-create a welcoming world where all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are valued, respected, and thriving. Proceeds from Arc’s Value Village provide about 25-30% of the total funding The Arc Minnesota needs to support its mission. With three thrift store locations, the nonprofit is able to generate funding for programs and services, such as healthcare assistance, peer-to-peer mentor programs, housing services, and much more. The Arc’s Value Village not only impacts The Arc Minnesota’s financial needs but Michelle claims, “it has shed light on the often forgotten injured or disabled worker.”

Transition2Work’s Value to the Village Thrift Stores

Transition2Work accommodates thousands of injured workers across the country, assisting our clients and nonprofit partners through the services we provide. Participants are able to heal from their work-related injury while helping their community’s local not-for-profit – a true win-win! Fortunately, Arc’s Value Village has had the opportunity to benefit from ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program for several years. Transition2Work has allowed the organization to utilize injured or disabled workers to meet the nonprofit’s daily production and sales goals across their stores. Speaking from her experience with Transition2Work, Michelle claims, “individuals who come from ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program have been hard-working, dedicated, and eager to assist us in meeting our goals while simultaneously rehabilitating themselves to be able to return to work in a safe manner.” Participants are even described as role models to other volunteers who come from many different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and lived experiences.

Becoming injured or disabled can bring on negative emotions, like fear, anxiety, or stress, that can affect a person’s mental health. With the help of nonprofits like Arc’s Value Village and return-to-work programs such as ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work, injured or disabled people are given the opportunity to have a purpose once again. Michelle goes on to say, “We are grateful to be a partner of ReEmployability and hope our partnership can continue for many, many years.” ReEmployAbility is honored to be able to provide our services as we connect people to a greater purpose so they can have a better life.

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