ReEmployAbility supports Not-for-Profits around the country by providing volunteers through our Transiton2Work® Program, helping injured workers heal through meaningful work.

The Not-for-Profit organization, Arizonans for Children, has been helping foster children since 2002. With a mission to facilitate opportunities that provide effective solutions to alleviate hardships and improve the fragile lives of the abused, abandoned, and neglected children in foster care. The challenging journey many face going through the foster care system, often result in multiple actions that further impact the child’s healthy development through family instability, emotional trauma, and inconsistent care giving. Arizonans for Children is dedicated to improving these disastrous outcomes through the effort and support of their volunteers, donors, and partnerships that help improve the lives of these children in the community.

In Partnerships, We Trust

ReEmployAbility has been a proud partner of Arizonans for Children since 2014, with approximately 150 injured workers, who have been hosted by the organization through our Transition2Work® Return-to-Work Program. Our company has received a lot of positive feedback from those who have volunteered at Arizonans for Children, through our program. So much so, that a few formerly injured participants still volunteer and remain active members of the Arizonans for Children staff.

For those who are assigned to Arizonans for Children through ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work® Program, participate in a variety of activities that are within their limits. Depending on the person’s physical limitations, our team works in conjunction with Arizonans for Children to ensure work efficiency and the comfortability of everyone involved. Some duties may include: cleaning and assembling toys, sanitizing spaces, greeting and assisting visitors, clerical duties, and more.

On a recent visit to the organization’s Phoenix location, we were privileged to have a conversation with Arizonans for Children’s Visitation Center Coordinator, Audrey Hall, to learn more about the great efforts of the Not-for-Profit. This is what she had to say:

What are your organization’s goals for the community you serve?

The purpose of each center is to create a safe, home-like environment, that children and families can meet to build connections and make memories. We strive to be a place that families want to come and to help with the reunification process between foster care children and their families. To providing one on one support for our foster youth with the Mentor program.

Briefly describe a recent accomplishment your organization has achieved.

With the help from our community, we were able to provide presents for over 300 children who are currently in foster care. We were able to provide multiple toys, as well as games, blankets, and stuffed animals. For the older children we were able to provide much needed toiletries to the girls and large skateboards to the older boys. In addition to the presents, we also distributed over 7,000 masks, 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, 4,000 backpacks, and 4,000 pairs of shoes to our community. 

What is the most important message that you would like to relay to the readers about your organization?

We have a passion to serve our foster community in all aspects of our organization. We want to create a place that feels like home, and to help families grow together and make those memories.

How has your experience been with ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work participants?

Our experience has been amazing with the Transition2Work® participants. They always come willing to work and add some stability to our centers with a familiar face for those families coming in each day. After their experience with us and the Transition2Work program, we have had numerous people return to volunteer.

Is the organization planning any upcoming events that you would like readers to know?

As of right now our next event is a picnic, close by Train Park, for 300 foster care children and their families. It is just another opportunity to create memories in a safe environment and to have some fun. We also host an Easter Egg Hunt for our families during Easter weekend.

Is there any other information you would like to share on behalf of Arizonans for Children?

To date since our inception in January 2003–November 30, 2021 we have served 976,011 people.

A key part of helping Arizona children who have been removed from their homes is helping them maintain contact with their siblings and parents. It is a sad fact that prior to the opening of the Children’s Visitation Centers, these visits took place in cramped offices. These places generally increase a child’s fear and apprehension while doing nothing to nurture and restore the parent-child relationship.

ReEmployAbility Visits Arizonans for Children

On a recent trip to Arizona, ReEmployAbility’s Account Executive Brenda Lovely traveled to the Arizonans for Children location to get a feel for how the organization functions, and to see all the great activities they provide for the children that go through their programs. Brenda was able to meet some of the hard-working volunteers and staff that dedicate their efforts to ensuring the property is clean and well kept. The organization provides a variety of games and activities for all ages to play and socialize amongst each other. A playground, game room, and toys galore!

Programs and Volunteer Opportunities

Arizonans for Children offers a variety of ways for people to make an impact in the lives of foster children. The organization has an opportunity for volunteers no matter the commitment level. With two Visitation Centers, people can become a valued tutor or mentor for those amazing children who go through the program.

Volunteer at the Visitation Center

There is a great need for volunteers to staff at both Visitation Centers. To make a difference in the quality of life for the children in these programs follow the link to find out more >>

Be the Tutor or Mentor These Kids Need

Arizonans for Children offers a free tutor or mentor for any child in the custody of the state. The organization has measured a 95% improvement in the grades of the children in the program. To apply to become a Tutor click to find out more >>

Click the link to learn more about Arizonans for Children and how to get involved