Breast Cancer Action Month with My Hope Chest

Breast Cancer Awareness

Alisa Savoretti is the Founder & CEO of My Hope Chest, an organization that helps women with reconstructive surgery after breast cancer treatment. Her story and the stories she’s shared add a different level of understanding to the process of healing that women face after beating breast cancer.

Join us as we chat with Alisa Savoretti, the resilient founder and CEO of My Hope Chest, a charity that aids uninsured and underinsured women in managing the cost of breast reconstruction surgery post-cancer. Alisa spills the beans on their monumental 20th-anniversary rebranding, the thrilling success of their recent events, and the crucial role Hope Floats, their third-party event campaign, plays in their fundraising saga.

A Survivor’s Second Chance

Breast Cancer Survivors

But wait, there’s more! We also get a chance to hear from Bonnie Medina, a brave beneficiary of My Hope Chest, who takes us through her challenging journey and how My Hope Chest was her beacon of hope during those dark times. Alisa further elaborates on the organization’s rebranding and its current needs from leadership to financial backing and volunteer involvement. This conversation is an eye-opener for anyone looking to make a difference or lend their support to a cause that is genuinely transforming lives.

To help out or learn more, please visit You can also email Alisa at

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