Misty Evans at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Spruce Pines, NC is always looking for volunteers. She tells me, “We welcome volunteers at the ReStore and the job site, for any amount of time: long term, short term, all day, ½ day or even an hour.” As a nonprofit organization, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore depends on volunteer workers.

Mr. Smith was able to volunteer 40 hours a week at the ReStore for about 3 months while he recovered from a broken arm. He is a truck driver with CPC Logistics but his company did not have work for him within the restrictions provided by his doctor. CPC Logistics offered him light duty assignment at the nonprofit organization through the Transition2Work program.

Misty tells us, “It was a great match! He came in every day on time and worked here like it was his job.” The assignment located for Mr. Smith involved customer service: helping at the front desk and register and assisting customers to locate merchandise in the store. Misty was reluctant to agree to host the volunteer at first because she was concerned a truck driver would not have the personality or skill set to fill the stores customer service need. She quickly changed her mind, however, when she met with Mr. Smith. He won her confidence with a great attitude, professional attire and his kindness. The customers loved him.

Once Mr. Smith was fully recovered and ready to return to work, Jeannie Maisch of CPC Logistics discussed his progress in the program with him. The nonprofit reported excellent performance and repeatedly remarked about how they would like the best for him but will hate to see him go back to work. Mr Smith laughed and told Jeannie, “They told me they were going to break my other arm so I wouldn’t leave, but I don’t want any part of that.”
Misty remarks that while all volunteers are welcome for any amount of time they are able to offer, “it was helpful that he was a more consistent volunteer. Since he has returned to work, there is definitely evidence of a void he has left behind.” Mr. Smith enjoyed the assignment and plans to return to the Restore to help on weekends when he is in town.