Life Changer for Walter

Debra Livingston, President & CEO of ReEmployAbility, shares the true story of Walter, a skeptical injured worker who benefited from his light duty assignment.  She shares how Walter has found success, and some simple suggestions to help set up any...

Take This Work Home With You

In part 3 of our conversation with Bill Edson, owner of Guidon Strategies, we discuss coaching and how often the coach becomes the coached. Find out from Edson, how to take those lessons learned on the field, into your home or office.

Training to Shuck & Jive

Bill Edson, owner of Guidon Strategies, shows us how to handle overwhelming circumstances through some real life scenarios, and how to prepare for the unknown.

Actions Speak Louder Than Titles

Bill Edson is a former Army Medic who knows what it takes to be an exceptional leader. Find out about Bill’s experience and how that experience translates into skills you and I can use to become better people at work, in our communities, and at home.  For more...

The Many Hands of Hope

We finish our conversation with Mindy Murphy from The Spring of Tampa Bay with details on how survivors receive help and how you can get involved in supporting an organization similar to The Spring near you.  Google your state name and the words ”domestic...

Services in Plain Sight

Take an audio tour of The Spring, a domestic violence shelter in Tampa, FL and learn more about services provided by them and most other shelters of it’s kind across the country.   

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