ReEmployAbility supports Not-for-Profits around the country by providing volunteers through our Transition2Work® Program and by helping injured workers heal through meaningful work. Through our running Not-for-Profit Spotlight campaigns, we hope to shed light on nonprofit organizations in our network, and the ways the organization influences the lives of all who benefit from its programs.

About Charity & Love, Inc.

Established in 2005, Charity & Love works to increase community connectivity by eliminating individual family isolation and promoting self-sufficiency. Its founder, Barbara Ansar, and her team work to provide essential services by supporting many economically disadvantaged individuals and families through awareness of available resources. Whether challenges are due to a lack of computer access, an inability to navigate online application systems, or other limitations, Charity & Love is here to help! Recently, Charity & Love partnered with CareerSource Central Florida to organize a job fair that highlighted nonprofits within the Orlando community. The event held resume writing workshops and interview preparation courses to assist attendees in their search for employment opportunities.

Charity & Love, Inc. offers services to meet the needs of its clients. Services range from Referral Assistance to Application Services, and much more! Check out the flyer below for more detail on what Charity & Love, Inc. has to offer:

Effective February 23, Charity & Love will introduce new partnerships and programs available through the organization. The nonprofit will be partnering with Village Medical and ClinCloud, LLC as an additional referral service to be offered to patrons in need of affordable medical treatment. Along with the new partnerships, Charity & Love will soon be offering services such as Credit Repair Assistance, Housing Assistance, Mental Health Counseling, HIV-STI Education Prevention, New Business Start-up Workshops, and Technology Classes (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Always looking to provide essential services to the families of their community, Charity & Love, Inc. honors its pledge to serve with “a caring heart”.

Charity & Love with Transition2Work

ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work Program has assisted many nonprofits through the injured workers who have participated in their modified to light-duty volunteer efforts. Barbara says, “When we are short-staffed, the volunteers assigned to us through Transition2Work provide Charity & Love with a way to continue to serve our clients.” When asked how the injured workers benefit from participating in the Transition2Work program, she addresses the participants’ “willingness to work and help the organization to fulfill its obligation to the community.” The work they accomplish consists of “multiple roles and responsibilities that may be challenging at times”, but through teamwork and dedication to service, these participants are able to assist Charity & Love in accomplishing their mission.

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