ReAudio is super excited to be celebrating our 1-year anniversary next week, June 24th! 

On that date, we will be starting season 2 of ReAudio, and that means a change of focus.  We’re going to use this platform to start telling some stories of success.  Taking perspectives of Employers, Insurance Professionals, Injured Workers, Vendors, and other special guests.

Our guests will discuss stories of how a person, event, situation, or moment in time has changed their lives or the life of another… we want to tell it all.  

If you have a story to share, find us on Twitter @ReAudioPodcast.

Because stories are the way our minds process everything, there’s no better way to teach, inspire and grow than through the experiences of others.  Please join us for the ReMastered, ReInvigorated, and ReTooled ReAudio, debuting on June 24th.