We would like to say congratulations to our longtime partner, CPC Logistics, for being recognized with The Comp Laude™ 2016 Honor Roll Award by WorkCompCentral in November.

The Comp Laude™ Awards were established in 2011 by WorkCompCentral   and each year, industry professionals gather to recognize outstanding contributions and achievements in workers compensation. The awards recognize a variety of recipients, including attorneys, medical and insurance professionals, claims adjusters, and injured workers. The winners are chosen based on integrity, excellence, and success in the industry.

CPC Logistics was nominated due to its commitment to improving its return to work program for injured workers. The company has invested in improving its injured workers’ overall experience and that includes forming partnerships with providers such as ReEmployAbility. As a result of this commitment, CPC Logistics has improved injured worker outcomes and reduced lost time days. We are proud to be a part of their return to work program initiatives and are glad to see that their experience with our program has been a positive one.

Anne Albalch, Workers Compensation Manager at CPC Logistics, recently explained how the Transition2Work program helped improve workers comp outcomes. In the example she used, while in the program, an injured employee started working at Habitat for Humanity to help transition back to full-duty.  While in the program, the employee was continuing to make progress medically toward a full recovery.

Not only did the employee recover faster, the employee also stated, “I cannot mention how beneficial that program was to help me through this time while I was out. The sense of purpose and the continued schedule made this time a lot easier.”

The experience proved to be a positive one as that employee received an award from Habitat for Humanity for the work provided while there.

“We believe whole-heartedly that our collaboration between our partners and our valued employees makes a huge difference in arriving at the best possible outcome, and we are thrilled that WorkCompCentral recognized us for it,” Anne said in the CPC Logistics press release.

Congratulations to Anne and the rest of the CPC Logistics team. We look forward to many more years of partnership, helping CPC Logistics provide a positive experience to its injured employees.