Recently, our Not-For-Profit Relationship Manager Nikki Whitehead traveled to California to meet with several of our not-for-profit partners in the Los Angeles area.

Nikki frequently travels to not-for-profit locations across the country to check in on our Transition2Work participants and learn how to better engage both not-for-profits and our injured workers.

Visits also give Nikki the chance to perform onsite quality audits, a vital part of her role at ReEmployAbility. Quality audits combine checks on the physical space of the not-for-profit with interviews of the staff and current Transition2Work participants. Audits provide our staff with a comprehensive description of the not-for-profit and the duties participants perform while healing there.

Our proprietary quality audits are combined with a review of government Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection reports. This ensures that all of our not-for-profit partners have a clean and safe environment for our injured workers to heal in.

Nikki visited thrift stores, missions, food banks, and museums while she was in California.

Transition2Work Participant Ian Armstrong and Nikki at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Los Angeles, CA

“It was wonderful to meet more of the not-for-profits that work with us,” said Nikki. “They are so passionate about helping their community and so appreciative of the assistance we provide through Transition2Work participants. Every not-for-profit I visited was a heartwarming experience.”

From large not-for-profit organizations, such as The Habitat for Humanity or American Cancer Society, to small, local organizations, such as your local YMCA, library, or food pantry, most not-for-profit agencies depend on volunteers to provide much-needed services to the community.

With more than 35,000 not-for-profit partners nationwide, ReEmployAbility is able to quickly secure appropriate light duty assignments for injured workers, right in their own community. Our experienced placement coordinators work to align injured workers with not-for-profit organizations, based on location, available opportunities, and language or physical accommodations. Our average time to secure placement is under 2 days and we only partner with not-for-profit organizations that are verified with OSHA for safety violations, and meet our proprietary credentialing requirements.

Our Transition2Work program helps injured workers return to work quickly in transitional work assignments at not-for-profit organizations throughout the United States, providing thousands of invaluable volunteer hours each year. It’s a win-win solution for everyone—the injured worker, the employer, and the community!