Get 24/7 Access to Our Online Portal

ReEmployAbility’s Online Portal provides a secure and convenient self-service experience. In the portal you’ll find a hub to access claim information at any time, help you track Transition2Work® participants, and stay informed with all status updates and outcomes.

One of the most popular time-saving features of the online portal is the ability to save or submit referrals. If you’re new to the online portal or have not yet logged in, here are the top three reasons to give it a try!

Ease of Use to Save You Time

Everyone enjoys fast and convenient service, and ReEmployAbility’s Online Portal is just that. With 24/7 online access and mobile device compatibility, users can now instantly view and submit Transition2Work files from any location with accessible internet connection. Do you have a referral ready for submission? Our simplified referral form is available to users as soon as they log right in. With this smart form, you can easily submit new referrals, reusing previously entered information such as contacts and company information, and skipping sections that do not need completion. No more re-entering the same information or filling out unnecessary fields.

Flexibility to Save and Continue When You’re Ready

Not yet ready to submit that referral? Need to take a break for a meeting or to research a missing detail? With the Online Portal, if a user has begun filling out the referral form but is not quite sure they are ready to submit, there is no rush! Users have the option to save referrals as a draft that will be stored under the account for up to 30 days, ready to be sent off at any time. We know you have a lot on your plate, and we’ll even remind you later to come back and finish your submission.

Reporting Visibility to Keep You in the Know

Once a referral is submitted, users can immediately see the status on a pending referral recently submitted for processing. If ReEmployAbility is awaiting any additional details from you, the portal will make that visible, displaying a list of any information needed. Users will also have the option to send a direct message to our team to obtain any missing information or updates regarding their referral. After your referral is processed, the portal continues to provide you with status and informational reports throughout the duration of the process. As we search for a modified duty assignment, report and monitor progress in the assignment, when you need time records, and to review file outcomes, the portal provides you with the information you need when you need it.

With the online portal, submitting new Transition2Work referrals is now an easy click away! Logging into the Online Portal through any page of ReEmployAbility’s website, allows for the fastest and most convenient service and access to these valuable features.

Refer a File Now! Visit and log in to your account for easy access to our online Referral Form.