Sometimes unexpected opportunities arise while an injured worker participates in ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program. Recently Jeramie Stubbs, an injured worker who volunteers with the Assisted Rides Program through Transition2Work, had the unique chance to meet the governor of South Carolina.

After a work-related injury, Jeramie’s employer placed him in ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program to provide modified duty at a nonprofit agency while he heals. Our team secured a placement for him with Assisted Rides Program in Georgetown, South Carolina. The Assisted Rides Program works to fill the transportation gap currently faced by disabled individuals 21 and older and senior individuals 60 and up. The program helps enhance quality of life of individuals by providing non-emergency rides to doctor’s offices, grocery stores, pharmacies, human service agencies, social activities, and more!

While volunteering at the Assisted Rides Program Jeramie has assisted with volunteer paperwork, helped to train volunteers on safety, as well as help to recruit new volunteers. Volunteering has provided Jeramie the chance to improve the lives of others, and also benefited him personally. Jeramie, a HVAC Helper by trade, says about his experience in the program, “It’s really helped me with my communication skills; speaking out in public to large groups, I’ve overcome my shyness. I really enjoy teaching people about the (Assisted Rides) program and people appreciate what I’m saying.” He has immensely enjoyed being part of the program and respects what the nonprofit organization is doing for the local community. Being involved in ReEmployAbility’s Transistion2Work program has been a hands on learning experience for Jeramie.

After the recent flood that devastated many cities in South Carolina, the Assisted Rides Program attended an event to help those in need of assistance. The governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, came to assist and to thank everyone for their effort in helping the community recover. She stopped by the Assisted Rides Program’s table and personally thanked Jeramie for all he has done to help people after the flood.

The Assisted Rides Program’s Mobility Manager, Trina Carson, also appreciates everything Jeramie has done to help the program, “He has promoted it in the community, getting more volunteers and has been a great ambassadors for the program, doing presentations about it in the community. It’s a tremendous help having him come in every day.” The program would not exist without the hard work dedicated volunteers like him.

Through Transition2Work, Jeramie has had a positive experience, improving his skills, and been able to make a significant impact in his community while volunteering for the Assisted Rides Program.