ReEmployAbility knows that our success and amazing growth is the result of our amazing team and their commitment to provide the best customer service every day to our clients.

That is why we are pleased and honored to recognize an employee who has been a passionate part of the company since 2014. Happy 5th Anniversary Chief Operating Officer Becka Dearth!

Becka began her career at ReEmployAbility as our Director of Marketing in 2014. She quickly moved up the ranks to Vice President of Marketing, and then to Chief Operating Officer. In her current role, she leads and oversees all aspects of ReEmployAbility’s day-to-day operations, ensuring that the company has the appropriate procedures, processes, reporting mechanisms, and people in place to provide financial stability and operating efficacy.

In addition to her responsibilities as COO, Becka has direct responsibility for the Marketing, Quality, and Business Analytics Departments.

“Becka is my right hand and has been my number one go-to for a long time,” said CEO Debra Livingston.  “She shares my passion for the company and sees the vision for our organization.  Her marketing and analytics experience help us to understand how actions and decisions impact key company measures and leadership objectives.  She’s who I rely on for so much to help run the business and has been invaluable to me over the years.  I’m delighted to celebrate her 5th anniversary with the ReEmployAbility family.”  

Becka holds a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tampa. She also holds a Fine Arts degree and continues to practice both fine arts and commercial arts.

Becka has brought to the company more than 15 years of applied marketing experience including developing and implementing business and marketing strategies, designing and conducting research, and managing complex projects to achieve outcomes. Becka has extensive experience as a strategic marketing and business management consultant and has taught marketing at the University of Tampa. She has also co-authored several papers marketing and managed growth.

Becka loves to ride her motorcycle in the North Georgia mountains and is a 6th generation Floridian who grew up working the family citrus farm – her family may have helped get you’re your morning orange juice!

We sat down with Becka to reflect on the past 5 years at ReEmployAbility.

Q: What has been your favorite part about working at ReEmployAbility?

A: I’ve enjoyed having the ability to be such an integral part of the growth and change that has taken place. It’s inspiring to see the impact we make on the lives of the people who are in our program. What we do is personal to me because I have close family members who have been deeply affected by injuries and disabilities. Our program and our team changes lives!

Shaunda W., Becka D., and Sherri T. enjoy matching beverages at the annual Holiday Party

Q: How would you describe the corporate culture?

A: Definitely not “corporate”! It’s a fast-paced environment with a more entrepreneurial feel. Our team is warm and inviting. We like to have fun but work hard as well, and every single one of us as the ability to make a big contribution.

Q: You have lived in Hillsborough County your entire life, where is your favorite local place to visit?

A: I’m sure this sounds a bit lame, but “home.” I grew up on a farm in Ruskin where as a child my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all resided and worked. We grew citrus, and in the early 2000’s we discovered citrus canker (a disease that causes spots on the fruit). Based on the policies of that time, this caused the government to destroy all of the citrus trees, which devastated my family. Since then my parents have fought hard to replant and restore the grove and I’m really proud of their story. They’ve overcome so many obstacles and now have a thriving grove with rare varieties like Minneolas (aka “Honeybells” – THE BEST on the planet).

Becka’s son, Jay, on the family citrus farm

In addition to their farmers market, they’ve focused on agri-tourism and offer u-pick in the grove so other families can visit and pick their own fruit right from the trees. It’s an experience I took for granted as a child, but now I realize just what a unique opportunity it is. 

Also, in Ruskin is my Aunt and Uncle’s drive-in movie theatre. They have one of the few remaining drive-ins, first run movies, and THE BEST popcorn.

Q: What is something that would surprise people to know about you?

Becka enjoying a ride

A: People are usually surprised to learn that I ride a motorcycle.  My dad has motorcycles, and when I was in my early 20’s my mom wanted to learn to ride as well. She talked me into taking a class with her. The first night of the class during introductions I told everyone I was just there for moral support for her, but as it turned out I was hooked! The next day I found a used bike and the rest is history. I now have a Suzuki SV650 that I’ve moded over time to be exactly what I want.  It’s a great bike. It’s a “naked” sport bike – essentially a sport bike without all of the fancy fairings. I don’t get out on it much these days because I have a young son (although I’ve threatened to buy a sidecar!) but it’s something that I really enjoy. In fact, there was a 2 year stretch where I didn’t even have a car, I had a Suzuki DRZ400 Supermoto and my SV650!