Many of us were raised with the understanding that one of the greatest gifts that we can give our mom on Mother’s Day is the gift of recognition. Recognition for all of the hard work, sacrifice, and unconditional love that she gives us every single day.
On this Mother’s Day, we would like to recognize the important women in our lives by telling them what an inspiration they have been every day.

Debra Livingston Co- Founder (left) Victoria Giuliani, Director (center)

There is a wise old saying that states, “Mothers and daughters are closest when the daughters become mothers.” We would like to thank our mother for paving the way for us. For showing us faith, unwavering love, and the importance of family. Mom, you have given us the strength to be the women we are today…we love you!

Brenda Lovely, Client Relationship Manager

I am proud of the person I have grown to be and I owe that to my mom. She always inspired me to be more, she believed in me like no one else. She taught me to love unconditionally, always forgive, always be honest, and most of all, showed me how to follow in God’s path.

Corie Wider, Client Services Manager

In addition to providing really powerful and inspiring words of wisdom when necessary, such as “Don’t take crap from anybody” and “Make sure you’re wearing enough lipstick”… she has taught me more about strength and loyalty than anyone I’ve ever known. She is fiercely protective of our family and has been my rock throughout both my best and my worst times. Mom, I am so blessed and grateful!

Becky Balter, Vocational Counselor

As a child, my mom instilled discipline, respect, character, and determination. As an adult, she is a role model, listener, supporter, and friend. Whether in her role as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer, teacher’s aide, or law enforcement deputy, she has always been a hero and example for all. Thanks, Mom!

Jaclyn Reilly, HR Administrator

My mom is my inspiration because she taught me to always treat others as I would want to be treated, to stand up for those who need it, and to stay strong in the face of adversity. I carry these lessons around with me everywhere I go and remember them when I am faced with a new challenge or opportunity.

Joy Fitzpatrick, Business Development Manager

Her children are her everything, her tribe, and she makes sure that we know we are loved in so many ways every single day, even in the smallest of ways.
She is so very brave and so very strong having walked through being a single parent with every difficulty that brings plus more than most could imagine.
She is love, she is home and I am blessed with the gift of knowing what the beat of her heart sound like from the inside and she will forever be in my heart!

Maurice Taylor, Placement Coordinator

Love, grace, elegance, compassion… those are just some of the words that comes to my mind when I think of my grandmother. She will always stand as the epitome of mothers; not only did she raise her children but also raised me for half my life. She always pushed me to be my best, and I am the man I am today because of her sacrifice and unyielding love for me.

Jenny Rotella, Administrative Assistant

I would not be the person I am today without the unconditional love of my mom. She was my best friend through all of the ups and downs of my life. She believed in me when no one else did. That is the type of woman my mother is – supportive, kind, compassionate. I love my mama!

Ariana Matos, T2W Specialist

My mother inspires me to always be true to myself. Between her kind and encouraging words and her unwavering support of me, no matter what situation I may find myself in, I know that she will always be in my corner. I want to thank her for teaching me that gentleness and compassion are what make the world go around – leading me to listen more acutely, and to act more thoughtfully. Love you, mom!

Shaunda Wickham, Content Marketing Specialist

My grandmother has always been a great example of strength, compassion, and independence. She has always been my rock, someone I could turn to no matter what. She has always been my biggest cheerleader and her motivation and encouragement has pushed me passed limits and helped me achieve goals I never thought I could. I love you more than words could ever say, Nanny.