The ReEmployAbility Senior Leadership Team, makes it a mission to encourage their team members to continue to sign up for volunteer opportunities through our company-sponsored volunteer program “ReEmployAbility in the Community”. As a Tampa Bay resident, the ReEmployAbility team is enthusiastic to be a part of any opportunity to provide service to our local community. Many of our team members have maintained long-term relationships with our nonprofit partners, even before the “ReEmployAbility in the Community” program was instilled. This is indeed the case for ReEmployAbility’s Learning Development Manager, Rachel Kicak, who has developed and maintained a relationship with the Metropolitan Ministries of Tampa throughout the years.

As an active volunteer at the Metropolitan Ministries of Tampa, Rachel shared the reason behind her decision to bring some of her ReEmployAbility coworkers along with her this past Easter weekend, stating, “I wanted to work with Metropolitan Ministries for several reasons. We do partner with this organization for our injured workers, so I felt tied to them through the Transition2Work program, but I also have personal ties to the organization. My first volunteer experience at the age of 9 or 10 was with Metropolitan Ministries. I assisted in their holiday tents around Christmas time and the experience has stayed with me most of my life. It opened my eyes from a young age to my neighbors in my community that were struggling. It showed me that you never know another person’s story. It also showed me what can be done and accomplished when the community comes together.” It was a noble effort and took great initiative to gather any colleague who would like to donate their time for a great cause.

Metropolitan Ministries of Tampa’s mission is, to care for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in their community through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instill self-sufficiency, as an expression of the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ. A very fitting volunteer opportunity to commemorate what the Easter holiday has been known to symbolize; hope, renewal, and new life. For any volunteer or staff member who may have provided hope, feelings of renewal, or an idea of a new life, to anyone along the way should feel accomplished in their work towards fulfilling the Metropolitan Ministries mission.

Our ReEmployAbility team members’ main duties during their volunteering efforts involved prepping and serving the the meals that were to be distributed to homeless patrons, along with cleaning up food waste. An important job for the organization, as their website states they “are growing to meet the most urgent needs of the Tampa area’s families in need.” The organization reports that more than 100 Hillsborough County families, including 300 children, eat at the MiraclePlace dining room each day. With 12,000 meals cooked every week, Metropolitan Ministries of Tampa has the ability to send out meals to partnering meal sites around the county.

Giving Back for the Cause

Our ReEmployAbility team members aren’t new to “Leading with the Good”. Helping others, whether it is encouraged through the company or by one’s own personal pursuits, can make the biggest differences in the lives of the less fortunate.

Each ReEmployAbility team member was asked, “Why did you choose to volunteer at the organization, and how is the organization’s mission significant to you?” ReEmployAbility Learning Development Manager Rachel Kicak, took the lead with this volunteer excursion since she has the most experience at the nonprofit and it’s cause. But not having a personal relationship with Metropolitan Ministries can lead others to have a different drive to give back.

Alex Figueroa currently works for the ReEmployAbility Accounting Department, but his passion to help children is reflected in his professional endeavors, as he strives to fulfill a career as a Juvenile Dependency Judge. Alex understands the role nonprofits have on our society and to those who need them most. He emphasizes, “Nonprofits are the backbone of our company. If we have no nonprofits, then we have no company.” An appropriate statement made representing the value our nonprofit partners have to each sector of our company and the need for that partnership to our clients and the injured workers’ who participate in Transition2Work. He goes on to explain the reason he personally chose to volunteer at Metropolitan Ministries was, because “nonprofits who advocate for the homeless patrons of our cities or those at risk of homelessness, may run the risk of losing their children to the welfare system.” These children who are separated from their families face many traumas within the foster care system, and any way to prevent that is motivation enough for him.

Current Team Lead Jenn Martin agrees that, “with Homelessness being an Epidemic in our Country for multiple decades, there’s never a better time or opportunity to be able to take time out of my life, to help those in a struggling time.” With her past experience in hospitality and service, Jenn is no stranger to providing assistance to people in need. It is understood that for every person who volunteers, that is one less person the Metropolitan Ministries has to employ, and more money that can go towards programs and services that can benefit people facing unfortunate hardships.

Would You Recommend This Nonprofit to Others? Rate Your Experience

Rachel Kicak

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Absolutely! I would say, be prepared to be put to work! Wear some comfy shoes. The staff there is super friendly and it was amazing to interact with the families!

Alex Figueroa

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I would recommend others to volunteer because their cause has helped countless families and I have no doubt it will continue to help many more.

Jenn Martin

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Absolutely!  One thousand percent!  I would highly encourage anyone who is able to Volunteer their time to this Organization or any within their local community that serves our less fortunate.  The Employees and other Volunteers that I encountered while at Metropolitan Ministries were so welcoming, friendly, grateful, kind, and so willing to help!  It was very motivating and heartfelt to experience such great people, who give their time on a regular basis.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with Metropolitan Ministries visit