Every month, ReEmployAbility recognizes a team member who goes above and beyond to “CARE” for our customers. Rea the CARE Bear travels from winner to winner and is a prestigious award in the ReEmployAbility office.

This month’s Rea CARE Bear Award goes to a team member who has shown patience and flexibility, Lindsey Bressi!

Lindsey is a Team Lead in our Training Department and helps our business grow by training new Operations Department staff. She is always positive and embodies our belief that anyone who is capable of something, can make an impact in the community where they live. Around the office, she is affectionately referred to as “Bressi” in order to not confuse her with our other Lindseys on staff.

Bressi works individually with each of our trainees, as well as in a group setting, to make sure they have the skills and tools necessary to provide the superb customer service ReEmployAbility is consistently known for.

“I have had an amazing journey here so far and I owe a huge chunk of that to Lindsey Bressi,” said Trainee Daniel Hernandez. “She inspires me every day to want to do more and be a better Placement Coordinator for our injured workers. I think she is an amazing asset to the company and essential to building the foundation of our journey at ReEmployAbility.”

Bressi helps create training plans for each class and is always looking for ways to improve the trainee’s classroom time, either through a more robust lesson plan or fun activities that help trainees learn our system and methods more quickly.

“Bressi welcomes every new team member with such a great attitude,” said Trainee Michaela Harris. “She helps us learn so much with all of her knowledge about Transition2Work. She is always patient, willing to help, and such a kind person.”

As one of our training Team Leads, Bressi is one of the first employees to teach our trainees our values and culture. Her passion and dedication to every single new employee make her the ideal selection for this month’s award.

Bressi joined the ReEmployAbility team in 2016, and has been helping our trainee’s start their journey with us since 2018.

Congratulations Lindsey!


Rea the Care Bear is awarded by our Client Services Managers once a month to an employee who consistently provides exemplary customer service and continually goes above-and-beyond to meet our customers’ needs.

To us, our customers include all the people we serve: injured workers, claims professionals, not-for-profit partners, and our fellow employees. We believe every day and every interaction is a chance to “Make Their Day!”