In the month of December, we are honored to congratulate Margo Shackelford’s 15th year at ReEmployAbility, Inc. Margo has become an asset to this company throughout the years climbing her way up to her current position as the Administration Associate. Margo plays a very important role in reviewing and processing referrals from clients for new program participants. CEO and President of ReEmployAbility, Debra Livingston states, “When Margaret started with us, we were a different company.  She has seen us through so much growth and change, and has always known and accepted what was best for both the company and our employees.  Her stability and wisdom have been valuable assets to all the employees who have had the opportunity to work with her.” We sat down with Margo to learn more about her, and her experiences at ReEmployAbility, Inc.

From the start of your career, up to this point, what would you say has been your biggest professional accomplishments and why?

I feel like my biggest accomplishment has been assisting with shaping the referral process and supporting the needs of our Referrals team since its inception. In the early days, each time we found something that needed to be tweaked, we were able to communicate that to everyone and quickly change our processes, so that they were constantly improving. And that hasn’t changed – we’re always looking for ways to streamline and improve. Through the years, I’ve enjoyed training and working with my team members to learn new skills, and through it all I’ve made some really good friends.

What goals do you have or hope to achieve within the company, in the near future?

I hope to keep learning and contributing to our growth and success. I love that all of us, staff members and management, really take our work personally. We want all of our customers to have a great experience with us.

What makes you proud to work at ReEmployAbility, Inc?

I’m proud of our culture and how far we’ve come as a company. When we started, we had a small staff and we got very close, we depended on each other to show up and do our part every day. Now we have so many different personalities and roles here, but we still make it work because we have a mutual respect for each other, and we love to laugh and have fun together. We really still have that small company feel.

After so many years, what made you stay with the company?

I really enjoy what I do and who I work with! I know from working at other companies through my career, that it’s hard to find that combination. And I have a lot of respect for our founder and CEO, Debra Livingston. I know how hard she’s worked to make this company a success for all these years. I’m looking forward to the years ahead, I know we’ll keep getting bigger and better!

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