Join us as we introduce our Nonprofit Spotlight for the month of June! In this blog, we explore the incredible societal impact of our featured nonprofit partner. Nonprofits play a pivotal role in addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges, advocating for change, and fostering communities. This month we would like to feature our nonprofit partner Downtown Stockton Alliance. We interviewed Executive Director Michael Huber to learn more about the organization and how they provide a service to the local community of Stockton, CA.

What’s Going on at Downtown Stockton?

Downtown Stockton Alliance is a property-based organization “uniting almost 1,000 property owners and businesses” charged with keeping Downtown Stockton “clean and safe.” The organization’s mission is to promote business, housing, arts, and entertainment to help create a vibrant, sustainable, urban community in Downtown Stockton. The nonprofit was incorporated in 1996 and began operations in 1998, focusing on five critical areas regulated by the Downtown Management District Plan, which includes, maintenance, safety, public policies, economic development, and marketing.

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Currently, the Downtown Stockton Alliance team is overseeing “downtown facade beautification projects” in partnership with the local city and county. There are many activities and businesses Downtown Stockton Alliance promotes and provides assistance to within the area. All the beauty comes with hard work. Michael explains that “Keeping the streets clean, promoting art, farmer’s markets, music festivals, banners on light poles, promotion of the businesses, safety, working with municipalities, and the recruitment of transactions of either the sale of a property, business or the start of a new business all take a lot of work by a team of people behind the scenes.”

If you’re a foodie and want to explore what Stockton has to offer, check out the Dine page featuring 50 ethnically diverse restaurants “from intimate holes-in-the-wall to spacious white-cloth restaurants.”

Looking to have some fun in the city? Do you love fine arts and history? Downtown Stockton Alliance outlines a variety of activities and an array of artwork, music, and history throughout the city to explore. Discover more at

Transition2Work® Goes Downtown

ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program partners injured workers with local nonprofits, completing modified light-duty work while they recover. Transition2Work participants give back to the community while building relationships that have a meaningful impact during their recovery. When asked how Downtown Stockton Alliance benefits from the help received through the Transition2Work program, Michael stated, “Having some extra hands to help with the small tasks has been a real benefit to getting projects completed.” With so many projects to organize, there is always a need for more volunteers.

The service Transition2Work participants provide not only benefits to the nonprofit but aid injured workers physically and mentally while they recover. Michael can concur with his statement, “I feel that coming here gives them a sense of worthwhile recovery from their injuries. It also lets them see a different industry and the inner workings of that organization.” With Transition2Work, injured workers engage in meaningful, productive work while positively impacting their community to get back to work faster.

Special Events Downtown

Downtown Stockton Alliance is currently organizing its “Main Street Market with Music under the Marquee” series on the second and fourth Tuesdays throughout July. Enjoy food trucks, craft vendors, and live music. This event is a great way to support local businesses in the Downtown Stockton area.

Visit to learn more about the organization and how volunteers and staff give back to the community they serve.